I am an Assistant Professor of ECE in the Elmore Family School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, where I lead the ION research lab.

ION conducts research at the intersection of networking, communications, and machine learning. Contemporary network architectures we investigate include Fog computing systems, the Internet of Things (IoT), NextG Wireless, and social learning networks (SLN), and our foundational techniques include convex and non-convex optimization, machine learning, and signal processing.

Prior to joining Purdue, I was the Associate Director of the EDGE Lab and a Lecturer of Electrical Engineering at Princeton University, where I received my PhD. I also co-founded the big data startup company Zoomi Inc based on my research.

I am also active in teaching. In addition to lecturing, I co-authored the book The Power of Networks: Six Principles That Connect Our Lives and have taught three Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on networking.

Note to prospective graduate students: I am looking to recruit 1-2 highly motivated PhD students who want to conduct research in my area. If you fit this description, feel free to send me an email that contains at least (i) your CV and (ii) something which demonstrates to me that you have read one of my recent papers. I apologize in advance that I cannot respond to every email.


  • Apr 2023: Our paper on robust feedback coding has been accepted to ICML 2023. Congrats, Junghoon, who successfully defended his PhD thesis this month too! Also, I am honored to have been selected for two College of Engineering faculty excellence awards, in Early Career Research and Early Career Teaching.
  • Mar 2023: Our positioning paper on cooperative federated learning has been accepted to IEEE Communications Magazine. Congrats, Henry! Also, our paper on adversarial attacks in massive MIMO has been accepted to IEEE TCCN. Congrats, Rajeev and Jess!
  • Feb 2023: Our paper on 5G wireless security was accepted to IEEE Security and Privacy. Also, our paper on coded federated learning was accepted to ICASSP 2023. Congrats, Anindya!
  • Jan 2023: Our paper on federated domain translation was accepted to ICLR 2023. Congrats, Shams! Also, we had two papers accepted to ICC 2023. Congrats, Henry, Rajeev, and Dinh!
  • Dec 2022: Our paper on split learning has been accepted to INFOCOM 2023. Congrats, Dong-Jun! Also, our paper on social learning networks during COVID-19 was accepted to IEEE/ACM TON. Congrats, Rajeev, Serena, and Jess!
  • Nov 2022: Rajeev Sahay becomes the first PhD student to defend his thesis through the ION lab, which he did successfully. Congrats, Rajeev! Also, we are hosting the second FOGML workshop, collocated with INFOCOM 2023. Please consider submitting!
  • Oct 2022: I am honored to have been selected as a recipient of the 2022 Intel Rising Star Faculty Award.
  • Sept 2022: I am a recipient of the 2022 DARPA Young Faculty Award (YFA).
  • Aug 2022: Our paper on debiasing knowledge tracing has been accepted to the Conference on Information and Knowledge Management. Congrats, Yun-Wei! Also, our paper on two-way channels will appear at Allerton, and another on unsupervised federated learning has been accepted to Globecom. Congrats, Junghoon and Satya!
  • July 2022: Our paper on Blockchain-based federated learning has been accepted to IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications. Congrats, Dinh and Ali!
  • June 2022: Our paper on signal detection under nonlinearity has been accepted to IEEE Communications Letters. Congrats, Rajeev!
  • May 2022: Our paper on intelligent surface learning design has been accepted to IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications. Congrats, Junghoon and Ali! Also, our work on decentralized sensor classification was accepted to IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing.